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Marc Metz is the owner/ operator of HealthVac. In his early childhood days being raised in Orinda California he loved to clean things and he loved the “before and after’s” doing all sorts of jobs inside and out- side for his parents’ home. One of his first paid jobs was a paper route for the Oakland Tribune in Orinda as a 12 year old. His next job experience was taking odd jobs through Saint Mary’s College located in Moraga/ Rheem in the East Bay Area and as a teenager performed these odd jobs, from painting to cleaning to landscaping chores for the public, who had contacted the college for help.It was here he gained social skills in serving the public, doing what he liked to do; transform things to beautiful and earn wages.

Marc after graduating from Campolindo High School in 1969 went on to do 2 and ½ years of college at Chico State University. He played varsity tennis at Chico State for two years. It was here that Marc had a spiritual awakening and decided to become a Christian and soon after met his future wife, Sue-Ann a Chico gal, in his accounting class and after a few years they were married and started their family.

In 1977 Marc and Sue-Ann moved their family of two young boys to Northern Indiana. There after working in the RV industry for 3 plus years Marc wanted to own his own business so he purchased a car detailing franchise to polish and clean car interiors which he did for 7 years from 1980-1987.He loved the “before and after’s” in making autos beautiful. In 1982 Marc started his own carpet and upholstery cleaning business. He serviced mainly the South Bend, Indiana area of Northern Indiana. In 1994 he added air duct cleaning to his carpet cleaning business as in 1987 he stopped doing car detailing and sold that business.

In 1999 Marc and Sue-Ann moved their family back to Redding,CA. as he sold their home and businesses. They have been married now 42 years and have 8 children and 15 grandchildren. 4 of their children and their families live now in Redding and the rest still live in the Midwest and one in New Zealand.

In the fall of 2000 Marc started HealthVac to service the Northern California communities of Redding and surrounding cities. In 2007 he added tile and grout cleaning and in 2008 he restarted cleaning air duct systems in homes and light commercial buildings in the North State like he did in Indiana for 5 years.

For more information on Marc Metz and Healthvac, please take a look at our certifications page.

metz-family-photoMarc and Sue-Ann Metz and their 8 children –
Ben, Matt, Jon, Pete, Anna, Melissa, Daniel, Amy

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