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What Carpet Does HealthVac Clean?

residential-carpet-cleaning-redding-caHealthVac cleans all types of carpets from all the carpet manufactures especially Mohawk and Shaw Industries. We clean residential and commercial and industrial carpets. We clean carpets made of Nylon, Wool, Polyester, Olefin, Acrylic and Cotton. We clean all the styles of woven, stapled yarn, tufted carpet, looped and cut-pile. We are experts in Carpet Fiber Identification and characteristics to better serve you because different carpet cleaning chemicals and methods differ with different fibers and styles.

We pay heavy attention to all high walking areas and traffic areas of homes and business carpets. We offer restoration carpet cleaning for extremely heavy soiled and dirty carpets. We treat pet stains, dark black spots, spills and are experts in stain removal. Our deep cleaning removes pet dander, pollens, allergens of all types, sand and deep down embedded soils and debris.

Why and how long has HealthVac Cleaned Carpets?

HealthVac, owned and operated by Marc Metz, has been in the indoor steam carpet cleaning business for 36 years. Here locally in the Redding area and cities of the North State he has been cleaning carpets for 15 years. This long term carpet cleaning experience enables Marc and HealthVac to be the professional person and honest carpet cleaning company you are looking for your home and office flooring needs.

Who does the work and is HealthVac Certified to Clean Carpets?

Marc Metz owner of HealthVac Carpet Cleaning has the highest carpet cleaning industries Certification as Master Textile Cleaner through the IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, see This certification is much higher than just the IICRC “Certified Master Technician” so don’t be confused by the term “Master”. Only Marc Metz and one other carpet cleaner in Redding out of 30-40 carpet cleaning companies in the North State have this highest honor spending much time and training and expense to be the best carpet cleaning company available. I am also certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute, CRI . This certification allows me to be able to protect your carpet warranty like Mohawk’s new Silk brand by complying with specific criteria in chemicals and equipment and mandatory certification as required by the carpet manufactures. We are constantly updating our training, certifications, products, trends and procedures to reflect the best solutions for whatever type of carpet flooring you have.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Redding, CA

  • Over 33 Years of Experience
  • IICRC Certified
  • 8 Step Healthy Carpet Process
  • Truck Mounted High Pressure and High Heat
  • High Powered Water Extraction For Quick Drying
  • No Bait and Switch Tactics!
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How Does HealthVac Clean Carpets? ----Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

For Redding deep steam carpet cleaning means we use the best Truck Mounted “state of the art” steam cleaning equipment built by professional USA companies not by me or local person. We use Prochem’s truck mounted steamer named the Everest . We also use the Thermowave II HP by Blueline now owned by Sapphire Scientific see For deep penetration into the carpet pile we use an electric rotary scrub steam wands like the RX-20 by Hydramaster. This gives our customers deeper steam clean not a surface push wand cleaning. But we do also use in our process the common push wand most are familiar with today for a more thorough clean as a final finish thus using 2 tools in our unique 2 step steam cleaning and drying procedures. Fast drying carpets are a priority with HealthVac. Continue reading below the fold to find out more...

Why your company is named HealthVac?

healthvac residential carpet cleaningWith more than 18 years of experience servicing Indiana and 14 years serving the North State of California, HealthVac uses the latest “state of the art’ carpet cleaning techniques, methods and systems. We use expensive, premium green, odorless, non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaning agents and chemicals. They do not leave an after chemical smell through off-gassing to provide the best carpet cleaning and after experience. hjWe offer fair pricing without gimmicks or hidden costs or bait and switch techniques and with a minimal amount of hassle. We concentrate and specialize on spot and stain removal as well as residue free cleaning as much as possible given each home or businesses unique condition. We guarantee our service or refund you money!

We begin each job based on the fact that every situation we come across is unique. We inspect your carpet before we start, noting high traffic soiled areas and spots and stains. We listen to your concerns and specific problem flooring needs because this is where you live or work and you can assist us in doing a better job.

We keep current up to date in equipment, chemicals, training and educational resources in this industry with the two basic monthly Magazines for our trade found at and
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8 Steps to a Healthy Clean Carpet:

1. Pre-Vacuuming all traffic lanes and walk areas for most carpet especially homes with indoor pets. Our large $2,400 Pile lifer vacuum helps separate the nap for deeper penetration and removal of greater amounts of animal hair than your normal vacuum and preps deeper for our pre-spray chemical process.
2. Pre-treat & condition all carpeted areas using the revolutionary Hydro Force injection spray system to see click on this link at and for stains and heavy soiled traffic areas. Pre-Vacuuming by HealthVac is a customer option at additional charge quoted on sight. Most choose to pre vacuum themselves before we arrive to save on cost.
3. Move most furniture in the living room, dining room or family rooms using sliders to protect the carpet and legs of furniture.
4. Steam cleaned with professional USA built Truck Mounted $30,000 equipment (not a home built unit) and dry extract the carpets, using a deep rotary scrub wand that cleans deeper and restores the nap of matted or crushed down carpet pile when needed ( see RX-20 video and picture). We visually see what is taken up from the carpet. All waste water goes back to our van.
5. Push wand to post vacuum for a second dry of all carpet and steam along walls and edges. Most companies do not go this far in a second step process to dry a second time.
6. Furniture protectors Styrofoam blocks and plastic squares put in place under those needing this protection for the furniture and carpet.
7. Carpet is then raked or groomed to give a final beautiful appearance and help to air-out the fibers for quicker dry times.
8. We instruct the home owner or business manager in things they can do to facilitate faster drying time. Upon request we can supply fans to dry the textiles faster for an additional fee.

Your Prep procedures before we arrive to clean are

1. Pre-Vacuum the traffic areas and concentrating on large debris removal that has over time been shoved to the walls edges such as paper clips or small toy items such as Legos. When we arrive we also vacuum using a Certified Pile Brush vacuum. This vacuum cost us $2,400. It is the best of the best in carpet vacuums.
2. Move breakables off the furniture you want moved.
3. Have the driveway cleared so we can park close to the entrance.
4. We will not move electronic equipment, boxes of breakables, or overly heavy furniture. Our coupon pricing does not include moving beds or most dressers in bedrooms.
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