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Who From HealthVac Cleans Commercial Carpets and What Facilities?

commercial carpet cleaningMarc Metz the owner of HealthVac is an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner and has 36 years of experience in cleaning commercial carpet. His experience has been all size and shapes of business offices, elementary schools, industrial complexes, high rises, governmental facilities, churches of all sizes, restaurants of all kinds and large and small university college campus carpets of all sizes and types from Olefin to Nylon over that time period which shows that we are a company that knows how to clean and maintain every commercial carpet. It all adds up to well over hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial carpet cleaned and maintained by Healthvac and Marc Metz. We have cleaned for the IRS buildings and Social Security buildings in South Bend, Indiana. We have cleaned for Cal-Trans here in California. We cleaned carpet for the prestigious Notre Dame University in the 1990’s. For the past 10 years we have cleaned for the local Simpson University handling all their 3 story business complexes, dormitories and large dining hall facility along with their large library complex. A cleaning company cannot take on or service and handle such accounts with just a one van operation. Nor can the cleaning company have a small machine that can only clean 150 feet from their van using a small truck mount system. That is why we bought 3 of the largest truck mount steam machines capable of going 300 feet and more maintaining vacuum pressure and heat. HealthVac can go up 3 stories! So if we can perform 3 stories high what do you think we can do at 100 feet?

The Best Carpet Cleaners In Redding, CA

  • 36+ Years of Experience
  • We Clean Universities & Government Buildings
  • We Can Clean Up To 3 Stories High
  • Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning
  • Our Steam Reaches Over 200 Degrees
  • Ask About Our Carpet Protectors!

How does Healthvac Clean Commercial Carpet

commercial carpet cleaning redding caMost businesses, schools and commercial complexes have a lot more foot traffic than residential carpet. That's why installing the right carpet for your business is important to maintain the life of your chosen flooring. And obviously cleaning commercial carpet presents its own challenges. Carpet is unfortunately a great collection point for dirt, dust and grime that is regularly brought in from outside parking lots and streets that residential carpet doesn’t experience these types of severe soils.

To properly clean commercial carpet we use equipment that produces high heat of over 200 degrees at long distances from our van where the Steam machine truck mount is located. We know how to handle the common wicking problems of flat Olefin commercial carpets and will sometimes clean them twice to eliminate wicking issues. We have experience in treating stains of all kinds and shapes and gum removal on a large scale. We highly recommend carpet protectors applied to commercial carpet to extend their life. We do have portable equipment that we use at times as well where truck mount hose cannot go to. We often shampoo the carpet after properly vacuuming it first and then steam rinse the residues out of the carpet. We take our time paying attention to the many various details found in a commercial complex facility. We use green safe chemical technology to assure indoor air quality for the commercial occupants. We also provide dry carpet cleaning for those areas that need foot traffic soon after the cleaning which dries in minutes not hours. With our professional steam cleaning the carpets can be walked on within 6 hours after cleaning. We properly implement the proper settings at the HVAC for fast drying when finished and can provide speed drying fans in emergency situations. We know we have cleaned more commercial carpet in more types of buildings than any other cleaner in Redding over a 36 year history. Our prices are fair and competitive and we charge by the square foot determined by the degree of soiling we would face to clean.
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