Frequently Asked Questions

1How fast will my carpets dry?

Drying times for carpet are dependent on several factors.

These factors include:

How soiled are the carpets. If the carpets are overly soiled then it will take more steam and chemicals to get them clean. The carpets will have to be deep cleaned. In this case, the carpets will take 4-8 hours to dry, depending on the weather. Carpets dry faster in warm dry weather. If your carpets are lightly soiled, they could be mostly dry by the time we are leaving, about 1-2 hours, again depending on the outside weather conditions. In most cases the average time for the carpets to dry using our equipment is 4-6 hours.

The state of the art truck mounted equipment, used by HealthVac Carpet Cleaning in Redding, Cottonwood, Anderson and Red Bluff, is the best in the industry. The powerful vacuum capacity of our equipment is astounding and produces some of the fastest drying times obtainable.

2How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?
Professional Carpet Manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned at least once a year. If you live in an area with extensive dust and no sidewalks outside, and don't remove your shoes upon entering the home, or have pets, then 2 times a year is recommended. Some say that having your carpets cleaned too often shortens the life of the carpet. This is true in the case of carpet dry cleaning , bonnet cleaning and "dry chemical" cleaning companies because they leave a lot of residue in the carpet that cannot be entirely removed with vacuuming. The residue left in the carpet causes wear at the base of the fiber and will be 1st noticeable in the traffic areas and in front of chairs and sofas. However, in the case of Steam Cleaning, this is NOT true. Steam Cleaning has been proven to EXTEND the life of your carpet because it is a deep clean and removes the residue and debris that sifts to the base of your carpet.
3Will “Steam Cleaning” harm my carpet?

Steam Cleaning, sometimes referred to as "Warm Water Extraction" or "Hot Water Extraction" is the cleaning method most carpet manufacturers recommend. Steam Cleaning is not a light surface cleaning, but is considered the only method with the ability to “deep clean” your carpet. Other methods, such as “dry cleaning” and “chemical cleaning” and “bonnet cleaning” are only capable of doing a light surface cleaning. These cleaning processes cannot reach to the root of the carpet fiber to extract the soil. These methods also leave a large amount of residue in your carpet causing carpet ware and rapid re-soiling.

Shaw Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, recommends “Steam Cleaning” as the best method to maintain your carpet. This is mentioned in their brochures. Always read the warrantee information that comes with your carpet, because the warrantee could be voided if a carpet cleaning method other than steam cleaning is used.

“Steam Cleaning” is also a preferable process for health reasons. With dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning methods, the dirty air and moisture remains in your carpet and in your home. Truck mounted steam cleaning extracts all of the moisture, chemicals and malodorous air outside and into the waste tank on the truck. Also, a truck mounted steam extraction process is more powerful than portable units and does a much better cleaning job as well as getting the carpet to dry a lot quicker.

HealthVac Carpet, Upholstery and Tile Cleaning in Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood and Red Bluff uses the most powerful truckmounted steam cleaning equipment available in the industry. Not only will your carpets be thoroughly and deeply cleaned but they will dry extremely fast.


To maintain beautiful carpet and extend the life of your investment, vacuuming is a must! Dry soil is abrasive and can damage carpet fibers, causing premature wear, especially in high traffic areas. Soil left in your carpet will create a dingy, lack luster appearance, and it will weaken the effectiveness of your stain-resistant protective coating. Vacuuming at least once a week is recommended and sometimes more in the high traffic areas.
2Spot Removal

Treating spots as they occur is the best way to keep your carpets looking their best. In most cases blotting the spot and rinsing with clear water and re-blotting to absorb all of the spill is the best method to handle a spot. NEVER, EVER use bleach on your carpet. Bleach will not only strip the carpet of color, it will significantly weaken the carpet fiber and may even dissolve the fiber. It is best to call a professional carpet cleaner if you have questions about how to handle a spill.

HealthVac Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has had over 36 years of experience in removing spots and stains from carpets. Marc Metz in Redding, CA, is an expert at removing not only coffee and tea stains, but red coolade, rust stains, grease stains and brown stains, that most other carpet cleaners in the North State will leave in your carpet.

3Carpet and Fabric Protection
Carpet and fabric protection helps to extend the life of your carpets and upholstery by making the removal of dirt easier and by helping restore stain blocking performance for easier food and spot removal. Ask your professional carpet cleaner for recommendations.
4Protecting Your Investment

Wall to wall carpeting is expensive and steps can be taken to protect your investment. A few of those steps are:

1. Removing your shoes when entering the home and wearing house slippers.
2. Using door mats to wipe off shoes before entering the home.
3. Always wearing socks or slippers when walking on the carpet because the oils on your skin will transfer to the carpet and  will, over time, attract soil.
4. Keeping pets off of your carpets.
5. Vacuuming your carpets at least once a week.
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