Pet Odor and Stain Removal

pet odor removal redding caWhat Education and Training Does Marc Metz and HealthVac Have with Odor?

When it comes to Redding pet odor deodorizing and urine control and elimination HealthVac is superior in many ways in this disinfecting, deodorizing and cleaning industry. First Marc was certified in Odor Control (OCT IICRC) for homes, buildings and vehicles covering pet urine and fur oil odor, disaster contaminates, moisture and mildew problems, Nictotine and fire-smoke odors and just plain soil odor by the IICRC (Odor Control Certification) back in January 2000 way before many of his local competition. Marc uses expensive premium proven odor elimination and control chemistry from Pro Store Products and Pro's Choice. We are trained in all aspects of chemistry covering microbiology, odor causing bacteria, fungi, algae, slimes and viruses. Pro-Restore has an odor educational body named RSA (Restoration Sciences Academy) He has personally owned many dogs and cats and knows from firsthand experience how difficult these pet problems can be to the home owner protecting their investment.

Why Are Pet Odor Treatments So common for today’s Professional Cleaning Companies?

Our dogs and cats are our best friends, and the stats from the Humane Society prove it.

However, they can make it a challenge keeping our carpets and keeping our house smelling fresh! Once an accident occurs, it can be hard to thoroughly clean up as urine has to be neutralized and extracted to be removed as it cannot be removed just by detergent cleaning methods which ends up just spreading the urine around making the spot larger. It can even be hard to find where past stains have occurred after spreading urine around with detergents especially on Polyester or Olefin Textiles. Pet urine on some carpets can leave a stain on the carpet as well as an unpleasant odor. The urine can penetrate the fibers and the padding underneath and even penetrate the flooring material. Over time, it can lead to further difficulties and unpleasantness that can get harder to rectify. Most home owners cannot successfully remove the odor or the staining and have need of a professional, certified and trained technician to help them. Here at HealthVac we are hired to do on the average 3-4 pet urine jobs per week to either deodorize and eliminate the odor or control and reduce the odor! Many of our customers tell us that we are the best in this service in Redding and the North State and here is why!

How We Specialize in Pet Odor Removal

On our vans we carry at all times 7 different odor treating chemicals whereas most carpet cleaners will have just 2 types of chemicals on their truck for this urine and other odor problems. This should inform you that we are very serious about correcting pet or human urine problems. We have two different style black lights to handle inspections whereas most of our competition has just one type of light. We are certified in odor removal meaning that we didn’t just go to an online website U-Tube and watch a few videos but we went to a special school for two days and took a test on odor removal through the IICRC. We have put this knowledge and training into practice treating 100’s upon 100’s of homes with pet odor and stain problems. We can tell the difference in our inspection with black light what is fresh urine and what is old. We can also tell whether it is cat or dog urine and also determine the size and sex of the animal. We are professionals in this difficult chemistry field.

The Best Pet Odor and Stain Removal In Redding, CA

  • Over 33 Years of Experience
  • IICRC Certified In Odor Control
  • We Treat All Type of Malodor
  • 7 Different Odor Treating Chemicals
  • 2 Different Black Lights For Inspection
  • DEEP FLUSH SYSTEM For Removing Odors

How We Start in Pet Odor Treatments.

1. We offer in most cases to local residents within a 20 mile radius a free no obligation black light inspection before scheduling an appointment. We determine what we can do for you as there is no one set solution. We offer on the average 3 types of treatments at various costs some not expensive and some more expensive depending on the severity of the urine. The customer then chooses their best option for their home and budget and particular situation.
2. Then we arrive for a scheduled appointment we use our skilled chemistry and odor treatments first before cleaning the carpet. Some of our treatments go deep all the way through the fibers, backing and padding to the floor to neutralize all the urine then it is extracted with special designed tool after the odor have been neutralized. We call this process our DEEP FLUSH SYSTEM. You cannot clean urine it has to be a direct contact chemistry with the odor causing bacteria then it is extracted then rinsed cleaned afterwards preferably with over 210 degree steam.
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Consumer Warnings Concerning Pet Urine Damage Removal

pet stain removal redding caSelf-cleaning measures by inexperienced home owners or even so called professional carpet cleaning companies that are not certified and unaware of proper urine detection under black light can actually prevent us certified pet odor companies from the upgraded simple science in determining the exact location of urine in the carpet or upholstery. This is especially true for polyester carpet and upholstery. What happens is that just using cleaning chemicals that only clean or lightly mask or deodorize and don’t fully neutralize the urine fibers and certainly not in the backing or padding but they just swish the urine around and remove the crystallization evidence then under black light we real professionals then cannot determine just where the urine spot is or if it is new or old urine. Of course there is always the sniff test but this is very unhealthy and very dangerous for health reasons and is not recommended. What this means is that the only secondary and old school method of trying to locate the urine is by pulling up the carpet and viewing the backing and padding which means more expense in labor costs as this service is not free like black lighting detection normally is. Then it is possible that the pet damage is too severe to neutralize and the carpet and pad needs to be replaced and the flooring sealed. Now the owner has an additional expense that was uncalled for that could have been avoided due to inexperienced cleaning methods or cleaning contractors. Hire those of us that know what we are doing and have been certified in urine detection and removal or it can cost you more unnecessary and very expensive replacement costs. We see this time and time again with Property Management companies who allow their renters to self-clean the carpets or the renter or property management hire inexperienced carpet cleaning companies who then create more cost to owners because they remove the evidence but we could have neutralized the carpet, backing and padding and floor and save the carpet but now the carpet needs replacement. Word for the wise!

Free Consulting For Pet Accident Problem Maintenance

HealthVac and its owner Marc Metz offers to any of his customers free pet urine treatment consultation on what products and procedures to use if their pets have accidents on any type of their textiles or hard surfaces in their homes or offices. He gives product names and costs and where to purchase the best chemicals. We want the home owner to know the proper chemistry which is not difficult as so many are under the misconception that they can clean urine which is not the case as it must be neutralized before cleaning. Many of his clients have been very grateful for Marc’s advice and counsel regarding their pet issues after he has solved their issues with pet odor and stains. If you haven’t used Marc and would still like help over the phone don’t hesitate to call him as he can instruct you so you don’t ruin your carpets or upholstery by making it too difficult for a professional cleaner to solve the issues.

Urine Stain Removal

In order to deal with urine stains the bacteria has to first be neutralized and extracted as just attempting to remove the stain only will be unsuccessful. The fiber identification then has to be done to determine what the chances are for success in removing urine stains. It is easier to remove urine stains from polyesters than nylon fibers. We do sample testing to determine if we can remove the urine stain after odor treatments. In some cases we can remove the stain but not always.

All Malodor

Our experience, certified education and knowledge and our local networking with other contractors enables us to help in dealing with all forms of odor problems affecting homes and buildings. We offer Ozone treatments; Thermo-Fogging Treatments; Allergy Neutralizing Treatments; Nicotine Smell Removal Treatments and many other odors and contaminant elimination and control.

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