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What types of Tile and Grout does HealthVac Clean

tile and grout cleaning redding caWe have been cleaning all styles of hard surfaces of tile and grout including stone, ceramic, porcelain, marble, travertine, terrazzo, granite and slate. We also clean vinyl, linoleum, concrete and many other hard surfaces including wood floors.

How Long has Marc Metz and HealthVac been cleaning Tile and Grout?

Marc has been cleaning tile and grout for 8 years. He knows what is clean and what is not when he performs the cleaning process. Marc was certified as a Stone, Masonry and Ceramic Tile Cleaning Technician (SMT with the www.iicrc.org ) see www.iicrc.org/consumers/care/hard-surface-cleaning/

Why have Your Tile and Grout Cleaned?

The tile and hard surface cleaning industry has enabled us in recent years to have special trade designed tools and non-toxic chemicals along with extreme heat and contained water pressure to perform a faster and more thorough deeper cleaning especially of the soiled and stained grout. Everything from narrow to wide grout lines can be adequately cleaned without mess in this much needed tile and grout market. As a home owner why spend hours and hours on your knees with a tooth brush trying to clean grout lines? If tile and grout is let go and not properly maintained deeper stains and soiling can permanently discolor the grout costing more money towards restoration to like new appearances. So have us professionally clean this flooring for you and be amazed at the difference it accomplishes! Our customers are always WOWED!!! In some severe heavily stained grout lines that cannot be corrected by professional cleaning then the grout can be color restored or changed by re-dying the grout. This not only reseals the grout at the same time but also gives a lasting restored even appearance or color change. We also can after cleaning quickly and easily reseal the grout at reasonable prices protecting your flooring investment from future stains and soil well into the future. We also can do minor repairs to grout lines or refer you to a tile and grout repair specialist that we recommend in our network.

Consultation for the proper home owner maintenance of tile and grout care is our special distinguishing service! Other cleaners just clean and go leaving the owner on their own!

We also coach you on your maintenance system with the right cleaning chemicals and equipment you will need to keep the tile cleaner longer! We want our cleaning and sealing to last you a long time! I show what type of cleaning tools the home owner should use along with the proper chemicals and techniques. In fact we prefer not to accept tile cleaning jobs until the customer is set up with their maintenance tools and chemicals as we show where and how to get these things locally or on-line.

The Best Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning In Redding, CA

  • Over 8 Years of Experience
  • IICRC Certified
  • 6 Step Cleaning Process
  • Truck Mounted High Pressure and High Heat
  • High Powered Water Extraction For Quick Drying
  • Re-dye, Reseal, and Sealing Services Available!

Our 6 Step Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

1. First we make sure all furniture is off the tile and everything is pre-vacuumed.
2. We apply a cleaner to the tile and grout that helps to release and suspend the soil.
3. Then we use a machine to scrub the tile and grout. We also use a very stiff brush on a pole to scrub each grout line.
4. Then using our high state of the art Truck Mounted Equipment and a special cleaning tool, we apply 215 degree special neutralizing rinse water at 800-1200 PSI [pounds per square Inch] into the tile and grout blasting all the soil out of the fine pores of the grout and rinsing detergent residue off the tile surface. While the steam is being applied, we are constantly extracting the water and dirt out to our truck mount waste tank to leave the tile and grout clean free of detergent residues. The tile dry’s within minutes.
5. WNext by hand on our knees we slide around on special sliders to clean all edges and corners.
6. We then can immediately re-dye or reseal or seal the grout with either a water based sealer or a solvent based sealer. We highly recommend our long lasting solvent sealer. The solvent based sealer requires the occupant’s be outside from the dwelling for 1-2 hours for the solvent smell to dissipate. Then you have a new looking free of contaminants tile floor. See our tile cleaning coupons!
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Tile and Grout Repair

We offer minor repairs to grout lines where grout has come loose. We network with tile installer contractors for other types of tile repairs. You can contact us about repairs and get quality contractor referrals.

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