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upholstery-and-furniture-cleaning-redding-caWhat Upholstery Does HealthVac Clean?

Marc Metz the Owner of HealthVac earned his upholstery cleaning certification with the IICRC (UFT) very early in his furniture cleaning career in 1989. HealthVac specializes in Micro Fiber fabric cleaning which has become extremely popular in many homes and offices in the North State. We also clean the fabrics materials of Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Acetate, Rayon, Silk, Wool, Cotton and Linen found on couches, sofas, loveseats, recliners and all arm chairs, sectionals, ottomans, lounges of all stationary and motion sofas and Power Motion Recliners and any style and shape of textured fabric decor and furniture (see the links at americanfurn.net and BIFMA.org ) We are aware of all types of weaves, Plain, Satin, Twill, Jacquards, Moiré’s, Velvets, Velour Velveteen and Corduroy. We know about Damask, Denim, Argyle, Batiste, Boucle’, Chenille and Chiffon. The fibers, weaves, finishes and textures we have listed are the most common to our professional upholstery and fine fabric cleaning in Redding, California. We can clean suede, vinyl upholstery and leather upholstery especially in autos and car detailing. We also clean recreational vehicles called RV’s and motor home furniture and upholstery.

How Long Has Healthvac Cleaned Upholstery

HealthVac is Redding’s upholstery and furniture cleaning specialists with 35 years’ experience cleaning upholstery in cars and homes. Marc is a fully trained expert in upholstery cleaning having cleaned 1000’s of pieces of furniture, sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottoman’s and 100’s of car interiors as a professional full service car detailer having at one time owned a car detailing franchise.

Healthvac Upholstery Cleaning Prices

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Why and How does HealthVac Clean Upholstery?

Keeping upholstered furniture clean will increase the life of the fabrics. Over our 36 years in the upholstery cleaning business we have witnessed that too many wait far too long before having their fine fabrics cleaned. Some fabrics are so sensitive that if you visually see the soil then it is too late and you have waited too long and professional fabric cleaning won’t be able to rinse out the soil, stains and water marks. We are good but we don’t over promise when it comes to some fabrics and weaves. Your furniture is as important to a room’s appearance as your carpet. There are wet cleaning fabrics verses dry cleaning only fabrics. Most sofas and love seats have a manufacturer cleaning instruction tag. These stick on 3 X 4 inch tags are on the plate form under the seat cushions. Before calling a cleaning professional be sure to look for these tags to help inform the company what they will be facing as some are dry clean only fabrics.

HealthVac uses the same meticulous cleaning process for cleaning your upholstery that we do for carpet cleaning.

The Best Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning In Redding, CA

  • Over 36 Years of Experience
  • Fully Trained and Certified
  • Wet and Dry Cleaning Processes
  • 8 Step Cleaning Process
  • Exclusive Cleaning Solutions
  • High Velocity Air Movers For Fast Drying
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Eight-Step Upholstery Cleaning System

Our Eight-step upholstery cleaning system includes a specially formulated pH balancing fiber rinse that removes cleaning solution residue right along with the embedded soil - leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric and furniture. Our state of the art upholstery tool backed by our Truck mount steamer extracts 9/10 of the moisture on most fabrics producing fast drying times. We can also speed dry using fan technology upon request for an additional cost.
1. We Pre inspect all pieces of furniture to be cleaned to determine our fabric cleaning method and any problems that might be hidden to the owner or us. We look for age and wear, type of fabric, test for dye-stability, check for spots and stains, water marking and observe labels and codes.
2. We pre-vacuum, dry soil removal, the entire piece of furniture and the plate form under the cushions along with the cracks, folds and crevices and most surface areas removing any debris like animal hair and food stuffs and dust build up.
3. We put most furniture on top of our tarps protecting your flooring and then apply our exclusive cleaning solutions for pre –conditioning and soil suspension and chose the method of cleaning to all fabric areas.
4. We will then hand brush/agitate the overly soiled problem areas and treat spots and upholstery stains. If some furniture needs a deeper clean we use a premium fine fabric foam shampoo
5. The last step to wet cleaning fabrics is to steam rinse all stain chemicals and pre sprays and shampoos off the fabric with our powerful upholstery tool that captures 9/10 of the moisture applied. This method neutralizes and extracts all of the cleaning agents. We also offer other cleaning systems for dry cleaned only fabrics or leather on a free quote basis. learn more about our upholstery tool here 6. Then, if the fabric has a nap or pile to it, we will hand brush using a special grooming brush the entire piece of furniture to restore the nap or pile and remove any wand cleaning marks.
7. We can use high velocity air movers to speed drying times upon request and are a slight additional charge please notify us ahead requesting this service.
8. Fabric Protectors which are an optional service and cost to the consumer by HealthVac can be applied after cleaning. There are basically three types of fabric protectors, water based flouro chemicals, and Solvent carried fabric protectors or Silicone and resin co polymers.
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